Blauer Colorblock Softshell Fleece Jacket

Blauer Colorblock Softshell Fleece Jacket

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Blauer Colorblock Softshell Fleece Jacket

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Water and wind resistant, hi visibility, and highly breathable indoors or out. Colorblock pattern provides excellent visibility during the day. Scotchlite„¢ comfort trim reflective trim is bright and strikingly visible at night. Yellow version certified to ANSI 107: 2015 Type P Class 3.

Our uniform duty Hi-Vis softshell will keep you warm, dry, comfortable, and looking great. Most police officers know the importance of visibility better than the rest of us since they work in the roadway. For that reason, we believe that part of the reason for poor compliance to the high visibility standards established by the FHWA is the garments themselves. Public safety professionals do not want to look like the trash hauler or the local construction crew. So how does the public differentiate a law officer from others on the road wearing visibility materials? One answer is colorblocking. Blauer was the first to use a combination of dark and Hi-Vis fabrics and textures to make a safety jacket. The blending of colors can actually improve daytime contrast and conspicuity. At night little more than the reflective striping can be seen from distances so the dark fabric has little downside. It does, however, change the look of our softshell making it more contemporary and giving it a uniform appearance. Our Hi-Vis yellow softshell is certified to ANSI 107 Class 2 for 24/7 visibility. It is water and wind resistant, and highly breathable for all day in car use. Machine wash and dry.


  • Lightweight fleece-lined design provides superior warmth and wind resistance to most fleece jackets
  • Water-resistant finish repels rain and snow
  • Hi-Vis version (only) is certified to ANSI 107-2015 Type P Class 3
  • Zips in as a liner for Blauer System Outerwear Shell Jackets
  • Silhouette reflective pattern outlines the human form for improved nighttime recognition
  • 3MTM ScotchliteTM crosswalk pattern provides excellent nighttime reflectivity and enhances daytime contrast with surroundings
  • Drop shoulder design for unrestricted movement
  • Fleece-lined hand warmer pockets with zippers
  • Zippered side openings with snap closures
  • Delrin zipper front extends to top of collar for excellent Windprooftection
  • Elasticized cuffs and waistband
  • Optional badge tab and microphone tabs come loose
  • 4660 is solid color version
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