2024 Law Enforcement Dimensions Motor Vehicle Manual

2024 Law Enforcement Dimensions Motor Vehicle Manual

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Perfect for your cruiser bag! Easy access index, top 30 offenses, speeding, lanes violations, texting, dealer plates, OTE, OUI and much more! SFST pocket card included!

Key topics include:
- Citation service and hearings
- Licenses and learnerís permits
- Registration, inspections, plates and insurance
- Seat belts and equipment requirements
- Suspensions and revocations
- Car theft and repossession
- Speeding, signs and signals
- OUI (detection, arrest, and implied consent)
- Leaving the scene
- Special vehicles (mopeds, scooters, bicycles, LSV, recreational)
- Boats and water craft
- Drones
Updated SFST/ARIDE pocket card included!

424 pages in this manual.

ISBN 978-1-944630-89-8                                              
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